The question “How to keep the carpet clean” is a common one, especially after children are grown and often begin playing on the floor. Children and pets are notorious for eroding or trampling on the carpet and it is not always an easy task getting them to stop.

The best way to make sure that your flooring stays in tip-top shape is to regularly vacuum it, as well as sweep up any crumbs and dirt. These prevent problems before they occur, but there are times when even this cannot prevent a problem from arising.

If you have a pet, you will know just how difficult it can be to remove stains once they have set in. If you have a carpeted house or room in your home, then you probably already know this, but pets cannot be prevented from setting in. If you have a carpeted hall or hallway in your home, then this is a prime candidate for pets.

Pets leave behind messes of their own – which could include food, soil, stains, urine, etc – that need to be cleaned up. The best way to keep the carpet clean in this situation is to clean it thoroughly as soon as possible. One way of doing this is to have a carpet cleaner come around regularly to do a thorough clean of the area.

If you cannot afford to have one of these cleaners come around, then you should invest in a good vacuum cleaner that will clean up any mess that does occur. A good vacuum will extract the water and moisture from the carpet so that it can dry very quickly.

After your carpet has been cleaned thoroughly, you will need to either dry it with a hairdryer or hang it out to dry by itself. It is also worth investing in some cleaning products to help get rid of a stain quickly. Most carpet cleaners will contain a cleaner that is formulated for use on carpets, although you may find some that are specifically designed for particular fabrics.

Check the bottle before you buy it and make sure that it is suitable for the fabric in question. For example, you would not want to use a product that was made to clean linoleum with your bath towels. Always read the label when you are buying something, so that you do not waste money and get something that does not suit your carpet.

If you have a stain in an affected area, first blot the area with a white towel to remove as much of the stain as possible, and then apply a slightly stronger solution. Many cleaners will recommend that you first use a milder solution on the spill to try to get it out, but if that does not work, then go up to the maximum level.

Never rinse a stain thoroughly with water, as this will just further aggravate the stain. Never use your vacuum cleaner to clean up a stain. This can lead to a lingering odor that will damage the carpet. Instead, use a clean sponge or brush to blot up the stain.

If you need to leave the area dampened for a while, put a soft cloth over it instead of using water, and then blot up the dampness with a clean towel. When it comes to dealing with stains on the carpet, always start by blotting up the area. If possible, try to eliminate the source of the stain as soon as possible.

Never rub a stain. If it is a soda or juice spill, try rinsing it up with water, and blotting up the area as much as possible with a clean towel. Do not allow the stain to soak into the carpet fibers, and blot it up as soon as possible, or it will become impossible to remove.

If you do have stains on your carpet, follow the same steps above, only you should follow them more carefully. You can use a cleaner designed for carpets to help you with the cleaning process. Contact professionals at All American Boise to avoid hassle, sit back and relax as your carpets get cleaned properly!

If you are unsure about how to keep the carpet clean when a stain occurs, you can rent or buy carpet cleaning products at a supermarket. The products used to clean the carpeting are usually fairly effective at removing most kinds of stains.