Is your garage so full of gardening equipment, children’s’ bikes and general clutter that you have to park your car in the drive or worse still on the street? I know how you feel. After our second daughter started school, we had so much stuff in the loft that I thought I could see the ceiling start to sag. My wife and decided that our storage problems would be solved with a backyard shed. To say that we were stunned when we saw the prices of the pre-built ones is an understatement. I’m a do it yourself kind of guy so I decided to build one myself. It was an awesome decision and we now have an attractive, functional addition to our home which fits our needs perfectly.

Here are my 5 secrets for a better backyard shed.


If you want your backyard shed to last you must have a foundation. If your shed is going to be over 200 square feet you will need a permanent foundation such as a rock base with concrete poured over it. For a smaller backyard shed, correctly spaced pressure treated wooden timbers place directly into the ground will do just as well. Don’t forget to level the area first.

Allow for Air Circulation

Over time excessive moisture can rot wooden floors, doors, rusty hinges, and breed mildew. So make sure that you allow for air to circulate by placing the lowest timber at least 6 in above the ground. That should leave enough space for the air to circulate under the shed.

Leave Space Around the Shed

Do not build your backyard shed too close to trees and shrubs this will block out the sunshine that helps to keep the shed dry. About 2 to 3 ft. of space around the shed will allow you to paint it easily or do any repairs on it.

Since it is important to not block out the sun, it goes to saying that it is essential to consider the weather too when building or maintaining different aspects of your outdoor space like sheds, benches, and even pools. If you want to know more about how to winterize your above-ground pool during the cold season, there are resources available online that can greatly help.

Think About Where You are Going to Put the Doors and Their Sizes

Most builders don’t give too much thought to this and it is so important. For a start, if you are going to store big items such as lawnmowers, make sure that you can fit it through the door. Although a door at the gable end of the backyard shed look attractive, it makes it very difficult to reach things in your shed. A better alternative might be to have a door at each of the gable ends or to put a door in the long-sidewall so that you can access items to the right, left and back.

Use a Set of Professionally Designed Backyard Shed Plans

This is the most important secret. A lot of people try to save money by trying to build a backyard shed without a good set of plans and find that it costs them a lot more money and time in the long-run. Luckily most blueprints or plans are reasonably priced. Make sure that the backyard shed plans you choose to include a materials list, step by step instructions and a 3D drawing of the finished shed.