Winter finally returns to its bed and here comes summer to take the throne once again. That means those ice-skiing fields will turn green to become mountain bikers happy place. And it seems like people are lining up in bike rentals once again to get that mountain biking action to seize the summer.

So if you’re one of them, then you’ve come to the right place. However, if you’re a beginner, then there are some few things that you need to know before hopping into your mountain bike for some action. While the thrill of mountain biking can be overwhelming, there’s nothing worse than being greeted with broken limbs if you try to dive into the action without knowing what to do in the first place. With that said, here are seven important mountain biking tips for beginners.

  1. Baby Steps

  • Every great achievement starts from small beginnings they say. It takes patience as you will gradually improve in no time anyway. Start from learning the basics of mountain biking. Hop on into the internet and research the best trails in your area where you can practice and hone your mountain biking skills. Fancy using your smartphone? Then download trail apps such as the “Mountain Bike Project” that is available on both Android and iOS. This app helps you search for trails in your area and tailors it depending on the difficulty you’ve chosen. It even provides directions on how you can get there and gives you plenty of images of the trail so that you’ll know what kind of trail you’ll be tackling on.
  1. Guidance

  • There are plenty of sports that you can master on your own. However, mountain biking is not one of them. Even if you know how to bike, you must still get a personal instructor that can guide you along the way as mountain biking is vastly different from biking on the road along your neighborhood. Can’t afford to hire a trainer? Then you can do some research on your own on the internet. YouTube has plenty of mountain bike tips and tricks for beginners like you that you can follow.
  1. Significant Other = Not Your Best Coach

  • If you have a significant other that takes mountain biking as a sport, then let me tell you beforehand that he/she is probably not your best coach to guide you. Your emotions will probably get into the both of you as men and woman has different patience and learning levels, especially when both are in a relationship. So do yourself a favor and better get a professional trainer then.
  1. Go with Mountain Bikers That Are Better Than You

  • Life is a learning process, and so as mountain biking. When you ride along with better people than you, it will push yourself harder to become the best. Make them as an inspiration, observe how they do those tricks along the trail and how they kept their balance on rocky sections. It’s like watching a live video tutorial on how to do mountain biking properly.
  1. Speed is the Key

  • Most beginners tend to use the brakes more often, especially when starting out. Little did they know that braking suddenly in a rocky section of the trail can make more trouble. It may be scary to begin with, but if you let speed take control instead of yourself, you can surpass these rocky areas with ease. The more speed you have, your tires will float over rocks while the momentum carries you over dangerous obstacles.
  1. Always Get Up Whenever You Fall

  • Falling is part of the learning process of mountain biking. So don’t think of giving up if ever you fall. It means that you just made some progress because you have pushed yourself too hard. However, don’t forget to wear your safety gear such as your helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. There’s nothing worse than falling and waking up inside the ER.
  1. Just Enjoy!

  • At the end of the day, just enjoy the ride. Don’t ever stop learning until you master your mountain biking skills. If you’re not enjoying, then you’re probably thinking in advance that you can’t do it. Or you have the wrong bike to begin with. Lastly, maybe mountain biking is not for you at all, and that’s okay because there are myriads of sports that you can choose from which suits you better.