In case you would like to know exactly how a kid is, know his feelings. Emotions figure out their behaviors. Kids are emotions. The kids don’t think they think. It requires a very long time before kids find out the art of believing. Their encounters with the planet start with experiencing the world beginning with their mothers as well as the family members.

The way a kid feels her mom along with other members of the household during an extended period, possibly the product for feeling on the planet usually. The main reason that the kids begin to take actions directly and start touching the products is since they wish to believe them.

The feeling becomes the very first stage for their believing. They think. First, they love or even endure the effects, after which they discover how to think before doing a thing due to the effects that they’ve encountered. Experiencing the world first hand is what prepares the kids for understanding the planet, thinking about things that are numerous that they would like to do come later on.

When you question an adult to consider before taking any measures, it implies that parents are living in the childhood mentality format that is doing things immediately by instincts instead of by calculation.

The people might calculate before performing something; the kids feel instinctive to complete things until they discover how to believe, to wait.

There’s no type of rationale and logic in their behaviors. You can’t convince them logically and rationally. You can’t talk to them based on the reason. The reasoning isn’t just within their degree of age.

We as adults are interested in a lot of significant daily matters, and when a kid started screaming about some event, we become quite annoyed and just can’t think it. The explanation is we expect logic within their behaviors. We expect them to learn those fields of living that we are living in as adults. Simply their world isn’t our planet in any respect, and their world is a lot different from our society. We won’t ever be in a position to understand their world completely and fully.

Since their planet consists of their instincts and feelings and instincts and emotions only bring frustration or happiness. In case things go their way, they start to be happy, and in case things don’t go their way, they get frustrated. That’s why there are plenty of frustrations in the behaviors of the kids. We don’t take really their frustrations as we believe from our purpose of view.

What’s not essential for adults is a question of the great significance of the kids. In case you have two kids plus one participate in much more than another one on a game, for us, it’s a small incident, but just for the kids, it’s of great value. These are small incidents which accumulate the character as well as the personality of the kid that shapes his future.

These are the little things that build the life of every child gradually. The complete bulk of these incidents is very small in our perspective that we don’t provide them with the value they deserve. What’s really important from the perspective people aren’t as significant in the way they believe. This is the very first and most crucial lesson that I’ve learned from the life of my four kids and my two grandchildren and many other kids that were around me.

As I stated before, kids are all emotions. They live in sleep and emotions within their emotions. If they wake up in the early morning, they’ve actually been the entire night through their emotions once more & have repeated their encounters of the morning within their sleeping. They don’t live one incident one time. They live a single incident a few times. Based on just how much value they connect to an incident, they are living in it a few times, as in case it’s a repeated life.

The kids live according to their instincts, not based on reason as we imagine them. They see each restriction and control an assertive intrusion into their liberty. Every time they do not wish to hear “no,” and also you say “no,” it’s as in case you damage them physically. They do not want to pick up “no.” Kids hate hearing love and “NO” to say “NO.”

They prefer 100 % of obedience from their everyone and parents around them. And whenever the parents don’t follow, they get a feeling of rejection. In case you are able to visualize in your own personal life how much damage you have experienced, if you got rejected, it’s exactly the same thing for your kid. In case you are able to deal with kids as well as student’s emotions, you develop achievements for their character.

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